Our leadership team has extensive experience in the development and deployment of advanced AI algorithms and in all aspects of business management and operations.

Leadership Team


Dr Zygmunt Szpak

Executive Director

In 2013, Zygmunt received his PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Adelaide (South Australia). His research focused on the development of novel mathematical techniques for constructing 3D models from images.

Upon completing his PhD, he started working at the intersection of artificial intelligence and challenging industry problems as a senior research associate for the Australian Centre for Visual Technologies (ACVT). His industry contributions include the automated production of geospatial information from satellite imagery; automatic object detection and tracking in video; and algorithms for scalable classification of massive datasets. He was solely responsible for conceiving and developing an innovative hand-held wound assessment device in partnership with Labtech—a publicly-traded company. The device takes 2D and 3D images of chronic wounds to monitor wound healing objectively. The innovation of this product drew upon his combined expertise in machine learning, computer vision, and image processing.

When the ACVT transformed into the Australian Institute for Machine Learning he took on a new leadership position which further expanded his involvement in the industry sector. His new role gave him deep insights into issues that hinder AI adoption and deployment. Organisations face many challenges, and these differ depending upon where they are on their AI journey. Some may not know where to start; others may have done some initial work and are ready to begin investigating the feasibility of a solution. Those who are further along their journey might be preparing to integrate the technology into their workflows. Organisations who are already using AI may want to start pushing the boundaries of what AI can do for them and are ready to innovate still further. It quickly became evident that organisations are best accompanied through all stages of AI adoption to ensure the success of their transformation. This realisation led him to co-found IVAI with a vision of helping humans and machines work smarter together.

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Ian Will

Executive Director

Ian has over 36 years’ experience in a variety of management and engineering roles in leading-edge technology organisations in the defence, industry and research sectors.


Prior to arriving in Australia in 1993, Ian worked in the UK Defence industry for 10 years with the GEC-Marconi group developing advanced thermal imaging systems for naval applications.


He then spent 14 years with the Adelaide based SME Vision Abell, (acquired by Tenix Systems in 2000) working in business development and engineering management. During this time, he secured and managed the company’s involvement in a $50M US-Australian government collaborative R&D program in the field of Electronic Warfare. Becoming Research & Innovation Manager in 2004, Ian then developed and managed a $20M research portfolio spanning a wide variety of advanced technologies. He also led the company’s technology commercialisation and product development activities.


Leaving Tenix in 2007, Ian became the Business Manager of the newly formed Australian Centre for Visual Technologies (ACVT), managing the operations of the centre and developing new business opportunities. Over the following decade ACVT grew substantially, becoming the leading Computer Vision research group in Australia.


In 2018 and following investment by the State Government, ACVT became the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML) with Ian becoming Operations Manager. After 2 years of successfully establishing and growing the Institute, Ian decided it was time to move on, resulting in his joining Dr. Zygmunt Szpak to create Insight Via Artificial Intelligence (IVAI). Through IVAI, Ian is looking forward to working with clients to help them build real value in their organisations through the smart use of Artificial Intelligence.