We are experts and can apply our skills to solve problems and provide solutions in any business sector, industry, defence or government.

Our Capabilities

Image & Video Understanding

Automate the recognition, classification, segmentation and extraction of contextual knowledge in images and video.

3D Reconstruction

Build accurate and detailed large-scale three-dimensional models from image sets acquired by diverse types of sensors.

Risk Assessment

Analyse extensive data sets to identify patterns and recommend courses of action.

Text & Speech Analysis

Recognise, process, and tag text, speech, voice, and make recommendations based on the tagging.

Recommendation Systems

Evaluate large data sets to categorise, process, triage, personalise, and serve specific content for specific contexts.

Process Optimisation & Workflow Automation

Identify anomalies, cluster patterns, predict outcomes or ways to optimise and automate specific workflows.

Education and Training

Deliver a wide range of unique courses suitable for diverse audiences that will help your organisation formulate and execute its own AI strategy.

Virtual & Mixed Reality (VR/MR)

Create and develop sophisticated VR/MR experiences for practical applications.