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Introduction to AI - Understand where and how to use Artificial Intelligence in your organisation

Corporate Education and Training

Al is changing business processes and unlocking new opportunities for products and services. To take advantage of the value Al could bring to your business, you need to understand how the technology works and have the confidence to apply it in your organisation. IVAI training and education courses will equip you with the knowledge you need to apply Al in your unique organisational context.

Course Overview

The purpose of our Introduction to AI course is to help you to understand what Al is and what it can do for your business. Using a practical hands-on approach, you will apply what you have learned to your own work situation and be able to identify and develop suitable Use Cases for Al adoption. You will also be able to develop and analyse the business case and understand how to approach project planning and project implementation.

Our introductory course focuses on the organisational and managerial implications of Al technologies and how they can be applied in the workplace rather than on their technical dimensions. It is suitable for anyone looking to understand what Al is and its practical application.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Your organisation will be capable of making informed strategic decisions around the use of key Al technologies.

  • Your organisation will understand how Al can be used to improve business processes and decision making.

  • Your organisation will know how to develop the business case for an Al project.

  • Your organisation will know how to identify and manage risks in an Al project.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Explain why Al and machine learning techniques have been able to disrupt numerous industries.

  • Describe the fundamental phases of an Al or machine learning project.

  • List example problems that Al and machine learning can solve.

  • Identify the areas of your work that can benefit from Al and machine learning. Organise a machine learning project using an Al canvas.

  • Identify the key stakeholders involved in the implementation of an Al or machine learning project.

  • Plan the activities and tasks you need to perform to prepare your organisation for Al technology.

Interested in learning more?

IVAI can tailor courses to suit your organisation's or workgroup's specific needs. Email us at contactus at to discuss your specific requirements.


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