Where are you on your AI Journey?

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A Seeker knows that they need to adopt but don't know where to start. They need help understanding concepts, identifying opportunities and developing an AI strategy.



An Explorer has a basic idea of what AI is about and what it might be able to do. They may have identified a business opportunity.
They may have performed an audit of data that they have available. A proof-of-concept model is needed and an implementation strategy.



A Traveller has a proof of concept solution to an AI task but needs help with deployment and integration into their business operations.



A Trailblazer has a deployed model but wants to optimise the implementation. A Trailblazer may also be someone who works in a very specialist technical or scientific domain where high level expert domain knowledge is required. (sophisticated mathematical modelling etc.)


The Seeker

Seekers want to embark on a journey of technological transformation but are not sure where to start.

Characteristics of a Seeker

  • Want to learn how to identify and rank opportunities for AI in their organisation.

  • Want to have a solid understanding of the potential and limitations of AI technologies. 

  • Want to know how to formulate the requirements of an AI project.


What We Do

We prepare seekers with all the knowledge they need to start exploring AI capabilities. 

  • Teach how to identify and rank the best opportunities for AI technologies.

  • Help formulate an AI business strategy.

  • Assist in conducting an AI adoption impact assessment.

  • Develop data collection plan.


The Explorer

Characteristics of an Explorer

  • Have a clear objective.

  • Have a dataset which encodes information that may be suitable for solving the problem.

  • Have a basic AI strategy.

Explorers want to investigate the feasibility of solving a specific problem with AI technology.


What We Do

We test the feasibility of an AI solution to an identified business problem.

  • Conduct a proof-of-concept implementation.

  • Co-design experiments to test scope and limits of AI solution.

  • Refine AI strategy and update AI adoption impact assessment.

  • Prepare deployment plan.


The Traveller

Travellers have validated the efficacy of an AI solution and need help deploying and integrating the technology into their workflow.

Characteristics of a Traveller

  • Can explain how the AI solution fits into their overall business strategy.

  • Know the limitations of their AI solution.

  • Have identified staff that will participate in transitioning the prototype solution to production. 


What We Do

We scale, tune and deploy an existing proof-of-concept AI solution into production.

  • Assist in selecting and operationalising a suitable technology stack.

  • Help formulate a quality assurance program and operational maintenance plan.

  • Determine the costs of deploying and maintaining the AI system.

  • Facilitate the organisational change-management and education required for successful adoption. 

Characteristics of a Trailblazer

The Trailblazer

What We Do

We conduct research and development to architect a state-of-the-art AI solution.

  • Review literature to understand the current best methods for your problem domain.

  • Draw upon our diverse skillsets in physics, statistics, computer science and mathematical modeling.

  • Construct a unique solution that places your organization at the forefront of AI capabilities.

  • Embed the solution into your product or workflow.

  • May already have a deployed solution, AI strategy and a technical team that supports it. 

  • Wish to advance the state-of-the-art.

  • May want to bring a new innovation to market.

Trailblazers want to push AI capabilities to their limits.