Empowering people and machines to work together in smarter ways.

Your AI Journey

At Insight Via Artificial Intelligence (IVAI) we are able to support you through every stage of your AI journey. Whether you are just setting out on the path to discovery or you are an experienced user looking to develop and apply cutting edge algorithms, we have the capability to help you achieve your goals.

Through our team of highly experienced people, we aim to provide you with products and services which drive innovation, transform your business and change the lives of your customers and employees for good. 


We will help you become an organisation whose policies, practices and decisions are derived from systematic, ethical and practical use of artificial intelligence.


Passion and excellence is at the heart of everything that we do.


Applying innovation and imagination to transform lives.


Empowering our clients and our people to achieve.


Conducting every aspect of our business ethically and responsibly.