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AI & Machine Learning for Small Business

About the Presentation

The Department for Innovation and Skills hosted a free virtual training event for small business owners as part of the Limestone Coast Regional Innovation Festival. IVAI was invited to speak about AI and machine learning and provide examples of how these technologies are already being applied in South Australian businesses.

Presentation Overview

The presentation concluded with a panel discussion alongside Dr Kathy Nicholson from the Australian Institute for Machine Learning. The session was facilitated by David Rush who is the Deputy Director of High-Tech industries at the Department for Innovation and Skills. The discussion addressed the following questions:

Interested in learning more?

Let us help you adopt artificial intelligence capability. Our highly experienced team will work with you to understand your business objectives and develop the best digital transformation solutions for your organisation. We can implement end-to-end AI solutions quickly and effectively using bespoke or industry-standard platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Services. We can also tailor education courses to suit the specific needs of your organisation or workgroup. Email us at contactus at to discuss your specific requirements.


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